Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photo class day 2.

The Day 2 assignment for the Opposites photo class was NEW.

I took this photo this evening...

(1/100, f5.6, iso 500)

Wow! I am SO excited about how this came out! I took everything I could remember from the beth v photography blog, and put it to work. I am most excited that I know HOW I took this photo, instead of just accidentally taking a good photo. YAY!

So obviously the NEW part comes in with the new flower. New life. New beauty for my new garden spot. I love this new flower. It's a Ranunculus. I've never planted these before, but was completely taken by their beauty at the nursery the other day. And now, after this picture, I love it even more. It was mid evening when I took these pictures, and very cloudy, so my iso was higher than I think I would normally have it set for outside pictures. (At least I think! :)

Here's one more photo of my new Ranunculus, this one a beautifiul yellow. Again, I am so pleased to say I took this picture!

(1/80, f5.6, iso 500)

Happy Spring!


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These are fantastic!! So glad you are using all manual settings-the color is amazing too!