Saturday, April 23, 2011

Light and Near

I'm going to cheat. I'm going to do something WILD and CRAZY. I'm going to do one blog post for two photo class assignments.

And I'm doing them in reverse order.

Livin' on the edge.

Or maybe I'm just wiped out and since I took the pictures for both of theses assignments in the same day, in this order, it just makes sense.

Nah. I'm a rebel.

We did the annual easter egg coloring session at my mom's house yesterday. Even though I wasn't thrilled to have midday sun for my photo class assignments, I was thrilled that we were able to color eggs outside as opposed to inside. I'm pretty sure mom was happy about that too. :)

I'd like to say that I took lots of pictures and that the egg coloring session was a wonderfully fun. But...not so much. Ellie was having a rough day, and Austin was having an active day, so instead I snapped pics as I could, in between trying to help manage the chaos. Which of course means lots of pictures of Annie. :)

Opposites Photo Class, Day 9...Near.

Annie was loving it. She is a budding little artist, and was having a great time creating masterpiece eggs. Her hands were rainbow colored by the end. I tried showing her how to use a bag as a glove to keep her hands clean, but that was cramping her style. Here are my two favorite NEAR pics...

Annie creating art.

(1/4000, f5.6, iso 400)

Annie's eggs, with Grammie and Austin having fun in the background.

(1/4000, f9, iso 400...could have changed some settings here, but was managing chaos. :)

Then we drove down the road to my Grandma's house. Grandma has a beautiful yard, with beautiful trees. After we changed them into their pretty Easter clothes, the kids hid eggs for the Grandma's to find. Then promptly forgot where they hid all the eggs. They were real eggs though, so if there are still any left, maybe the neighborhood animals will have a nice snack.

Opposites photo class, Day 8...Light.

This was a challenge in my world this week. We haven't had much light. Lots of clouds, not much sun. And like I said earlier, when the sun did come out, it was midday. I was glad though, for all the advice and tips that beth gave. I am really starting to understand a lot more about how to make a picture turn out the way I want it!

I took this LIGHT picture using some open shade from Grandma's dogwood tree. I stood in similar light, and set my camera to spot metering to capture the glow of the sun. I think it turned out beautifully!

My Mom, my Grandma, and my kids.

(1/640, f4.2, iso 400)

Happy Easter!


PinkChica said...

I'm in the class too and totally planned to do "near" and "far" together tomorrow because I'm starting to get behind too! Love the Easter egg photos!

Wynn Anne said...

Your "light" shot is lovely, too. Happy Easter! (What a blessing to have your mom and your grandmother both alive and near enough to visit on these special occasions.)

Alana said...

Very nice! I especially love the one of the kids with your Mom and Grandma, awesome!!