Wednesday, April 27, 2011


3 years ago our town had a flood. Two hurricanes hit the gulf that year, and sent a lot of water our way. They opened all 10 gates on Table Rock Dam that year, and set some new records for lake levels and flooding.

Those records are now broken.

In the last few days we've had over a foot of rain. It's been crazy, scary, historical, and amazing to watch. We took the kids to see the flood gates opened last night. It's humbling to see what mother nature can do.

(1/3200, f5.3, iso 1000)

My photo assignment for the Opposites photo class day 11 is FAST. Take a picture of something fast. Well, this water is fast. Flowing at a rate that every second it could fill an Olympic sized pool. Ellie commented that it looked soft and fluffy, but she knew it wasn't.

More pictures...

We're praying for all our friends that are being affected by the flooding. The water is beautiful, but it's also devastating parts of our town and area. The silver lining is the heart warming stories coming from friends and neighbors about the outpouring of help.

Flooding and all, I love where I live.

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JP's MOM said...

I so love the angle you got! I wished I could have four wheeled the twins up to that peak.