Monday, August 4, 2008

It's worth the 5am wake up call.

I will be getting up at 5am tomorrow.

And I am THRILLED about it!

4 days people! For 4 days I will be strolling the shops of Chicago with my beautiful mother!

We've booked ourselves a little "getaway" to celebrate her upcoming birthday. I've been to Chicago twice, and loved it both times. She's also been twice, but both were a long time ago, and both were for business. The last time I was there, two years ago, I kept thinking..."Mom would just love this!" There is so much great shopping, and my mother is the QUEEN of shopping. :)

SO, our flight leaves at 8:10 am tomorrow morning! For me this is a big deal.

I haven't flown in six years.

I haven't been away from my husband and children in three years.

I've never left Austin before.

Jason's never taken care of all three of them for more than part of a day before.

To say I'm nervous is a bit of an understatement. I am SO excited, but at the same time I am fearful for many things.

Will Jason be okay?

Will Austin be okay when it's daddy that comforts him in the middle of the night and not mommy?

Will I be able to keep up with my mother as we shop?

Okay, that last one is kind of a joke. Kind of.

But seriously, if you would add my sweet family to your prayers this week, that would be wonderful. My hope is that this little trip is a blessing to me and my mom, with some really good one on one time, and a blessing to Jason and the kids, with some really good daddy time. Oh, and Nana too, since she will have the kids all day Wednesday before Jason gets off work! Bless you Nana!

So off I go! I feel like this famous blogger, just traveling for fun and adventure! I can't tell you how many times, Miss Carissa, that I have thought of you as I've readied for this trip. I keep thinking...this is what Carissa would do! Did you know you were so inspiring? :)

I can't wait to post my "after". You can be assured it will include some fun pics of me and my awesome mom!



Carissa said...

wow shelley! i feel really famous right now! : ) i hope you have a WONDERFUL trip! full of laughs, lots of deals, tons of photos, giggles, deep talks, and fond memories! don't forget to take a boat tour! enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it sounds wonderful! Can't wait to read all about it!

Your peeps will be just fine w/out you, so relax and enjoy!

Jamie said...

I hope you have a great time. I will be praying for your kiddos, nana and daddy while you are away.

JP's MOM said...

have a great time!

Alana said...

Everything going to be fine! You're going to have a great time and wonder why you haven't done it sooner and when you can do it again ;-)'ll be missed!

Celeste said...

Maybe it should become an annual trip! Jason is going to appreciate you soooo much when you get back.

Darlene R. said...

I'm sure everyone is doing fine while you are away. I know that it's hard to think about. I hope you and your mom are having a great time.

You are only 3 hours from me!

Fran said...

Dads love to take those kiddos to McDonalds when we are away! :)

Praying for you friend. I think that sounds like a beautiful time with your momma. Enjoy and know that I'm praying for ya!

Can't wait for pix.

Earen said...

Oh, I hope you have a FABULOUS time! I can't wait to hear all about it. What a special time with you & your mama!!

mk said...

Oh my word--what a FUN trip! I hope you have a wonderful time! Chicago is a GREAT city!!!

And, if things get difficult as you travel, just remember...WWCD...What Would Carissa Do? Maybe you need a WWCD bracelet... :-)

Laney-Lou said...

YIPPIE!!! YOU'RE HAVING SO MUCH FUN I JUST KNOW IT!!!! I am though, bummed that I'm closer to you now, yet I still don't get to see you. Oh well....only a week and a half until I'm back "home"!


Janelle said...

Hope things are going well! Can't wait to see you! Tell your mom...HI!

Sarah Markley said...

i hope you have the time of your life!!