Monday, August 11, 2008


Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous!

My mama and I had a great time in the windy city, which really wasn't too windy this time. Actually, we had PERFECT weather. Incredibly beautiful, non-humid weather.

We had a bit of a late start, due to storms the night before our flight, but we finally took off about 4pm. We were picked up at the airport by my sweet friend Rebecca. She drove us out to Schaumberg to shop at IKEA and a real, live and in person, Hanna Andersson store. I love Hanna clothes, especially for my very picky first born, and to actually GO TO THE STORE, as opposed to catalog/online shopping was really a treat.

Day two found us strolling the Magnificent Mile, and beyond. Then we walked to Navy Pier. Then we took a cab back because we couldn't feel our feet anymore! We swam at our rooftop pool, with the lights of Chicago all around us, and the fireworks of Navy Pier in the distance.

On day three we took a cab out to a different part of the city, with more shopping! We found a couple of cute boutiques where mom and I each bought a pair of shoes and a pair of earrings. We walked...and walked...and then we decided to attempt the "L" train! We got ourselves a couple of 24 hour passes, for a whopping $5 each! Then we hopped aboard and headed towards the theatre district!

There we found MORE great shopping, including the largest and most beautiful store I've ever seen! Macy's, formerly Marshall Fields on State street. It's a Chicago icon, and it's absolutely incredible! I did a little research and found out that it was built in 1852, and it's the second largest department store in the WORLD! Wow! Mom found a GREAT purse there! This is the view from the first floor looking up. I didn't even get the first few floors in the picture!

We also had us some delicious hot dogs that were so good they needed there very own picture!

That night we saw "Jersey Boys", which was just INCREDIBLE! If you ever have the chance to see it, you MUST! Our doorman at the hotel sent us to the show in style, in a very nice car, as opposed to a cab. Fun! After the show we ate yummy Italian food at a great place there in the theatre district, and headed back for some much needed down time!

At this point I just had to get a cute pic of all the cute shopping bags I'd accumulated!

On our last day there we took our time getting ready, and then headed back to Navy Pier for a lunch cruise on Lake Michigan. It was so relaxing to prop our tired feet up on the ships rail and just take in the shoreline.

After that we took a water taxi up the Chicago river to Michigan avenue and shopped a little more.

We took the "L" back to State street and shopped a little more. I guess we just hadn't shopped enough! We hopped on a bus (our 24 hour passes included buses too!) and went and got our luggage. Then we took the "L" to the airport. I am telling you, we figured out how to get around that city! That was so much fun! By the time we arrived at the airport we felt like seasoned Chicago travelers! I have to say, the "L" was awesome. As we flew by rush hour traffic on our way to the airport, we were SO happy we decided not to take a cab! The "L" saved us at least 40 minutes and about $50!

Our flight home was (almost) on time, and uneventful. I took a picture of the city we'd enjoyed so much as we flew away.

I arrived home just before midnight to kiss my sweet, sleeping babies and give my worn out hubby a big hug.

It was a fantastic trip. A MUST DO AGAIN, kind of trip. Although I'm not sure when...let's just say that Jason's time didn't go so smoothly. :) That's another post in itself. And yes, I will give you the details soon!


michelle said...

Glad you had a wonderful time celebrating your sweet Mom! Your pictures made me want to visit Chicago!

Janelle said...

Fantastic pictures. Great time with your sweet mom is a must. Too bad for Jason, but I am sure he appreciates what you do!

JP's MOM said...

That mall in Schamburg is precisely where we lost pink blankie.

It was quite the tragedy, but I do fondly remember that lovely Hanna store!

Celeste said...

What a fun trip!! I am can't wait to here about what happened while you were gone. :)

dawn said...

So glad you had this time with your mom. You deserved it! I love Chicago!

Jamie said...

I am so glad that you had fun. I want to visit Chicago sometime. You will have to give me your inside info.

Darlene R. said...

We used to live about 15 minutes from that mall in Shaumberg! We lived in Streamwood, which in right next to Shaumberg.

It looks like you had a great time with your mom! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

Fran said...

100% jealous of that trip!! My brother lived there for several years and I loved visiting. :)

Those pix are just awesome. Looks like a perfect time with your mom.
Just cool.

Alana said...

That was the mall I went to last fall while I was away for the Kindermusik convention. Loved it!

Loved your recap...looks like you had a great time!

Teresa said...

Chicago is great! I've not been there since ' thanks for the recap of your trip! Glad you and your mom had a great time! You'll have to take pics off all you bought...not just the cute bags!

Laney-Lou said...

I WANT TO GOOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm so glad you and Diane had a blast! Aren't mom/daughter trips so much fun?!