Saturday, June 21, 2008


Families come in all shapes and sizes.

Some are complete without children.

For some, one child is enough.

For others two is perfect.

Some are even complete with four!

I wanted three.

My great-grandmother, Grandma Rena (pronounced Reenee), was a quilt maker. She sat for hours every day piecing quilts. Even as her eye sight failed, she pieced quilt tops. She would have us pick out the materials we wanted, and put them together, so the quilts would look good even though she couldn't see the colors anymore. She did it all by hand, by touch, by feel. It still amazes me today.

She made my baby blanket when I was born. It was a soft quilt in very seventies colors, browns and oranges. I carried it with me everywhere. By the time I was five, it was tattered and old, and my mom put it away for safe keeping. When I was a teenager she gave it back to me, and I displayed it in my room. It was and still is very special to me, it is my blankie.

When Jason and I were dating, Grandma Rena made baby quilts for me and my cousins, for our future children. I had her make me three. I wanted three. I didn't know what the future held for me, but I knew I needed three.

After Annie was born, Jason felt our family was complete. Two was enough, he said, the world revolves around families of four. For me though, it wasn't right. I knew we weren't complete. I wanted number three.

Even I was surprised though, when Annie was just 16 months old, to find out we were pregnant. The decision was taken out of our hands, we were having another child. I worried that Jason would be upset, but he was wonderful. He was my rock when I was scared out of my wits at the thought of another baby so soon!

And so, I got my three. Three baby quilts, three babies.

The first time I saw a picture of our family of five, it just seemed right. It was whole, it was perfect.

When I got to visit Janelle the other day, she kept saying the same thing. Her families picture came up on their computer, and she said it finally looked right. It hadn't looked right to her before.

They needed three.

I am so excited to have a friend with three, like me. I am so excited for Janelle and Skip that their family is complete! Little Wingman is here! And let me tell you, he is BEAUTIFUL!

I mean, HANDSOME! (Sorry Skip!)

Three isn't easy. In fact it can be really hard sometimes, as Janelle knows from witnessing my crazy life! But it is SO worth it. There are days when my three just about send me into the nut house. But when I see a picture of our family, our family of five, it looks perfect. It's the way it was meant to be.

Grandma Rena went to heaven shortly after Jason and I were married. She never knew any of my babies. But I think she's watching, and smiling, maybe even laughing sometimes at my crazy life. And I think she's happy knowing that she made a baby quilt for each of my babies.


Celeste said...

What a sweet post, and so true! It's amazing how women know in their heart if their family is complete or still missing a piece. Men tend to look in their wallet to decide if another one is needed. :)

JP's MOM said...

How special to have those quilts!

That makes for a great story to share with the kids.

Jamie said...

You described my feelings exactly.

Janelle said...

Tears of joy, my friend! I am excited to grow our family. It just feels right.

It was so good to see you all the other night. It was good for my soul!

Teresa said...

What a beautiful post! How great to have those special quilts for your kiddos as well.

It's nice to have that peace when you know your family is complete. That is how I feel about our family of 4!

Thanks for sharing!

Laney-Lou said...

I do wish Grandma Rena were still here to see how wonderful of a mother you are! I can't wait to use my baby blankets she made us and will always think of her when I see them. What a pretty post Shell.

As do I feel like God wants three for I guess I'll just add to the other families of three in our gang! haha Maybe Lauren will join too?? ;-)

Fran said...

3 kids, 5 family members are a beautiful thing!!

Enjoy every bit of your day!

Anonymous said...

yeah we'll see about me joining any 3 baby club! :)
that's weird that you blogged about the baby quilts, because mom gave me mine yesterday to take! but there were only 2..wonder what that means??? :)

Alana said...

Sweet post. I wish things were that clear for me, I just don't know about our little fam yet. Some days it feels complete, other days I wonder. Hopefully someday I'll figure it out ;-)

Darlene R. said...

Three is a great number!
I really enjoyed this post. What a sweet grandma you had.

We were coming your way, but after calculating everything, we have decided to just go south to my Aunts. I wanted so badly to meet you all. We just couldn't add the extra expenses. :(
It will happen though, I just know it will! ;)Sometime...hopefully sooner than later.

Sarah Markley said...

I agree. This is so sweet. I am fine with two; before Naomi was born, I knew that we were missing something. Now, I feel full!

willblogforshoes said...

Very sweet post! You moms of three (or more) are brave and blessed. I think I'm going to stop at two, however! :-)