Saturday, June 28, 2008

It was all going so well...

The feeling that I had when I woke up this morning to no power and torrential rains...AGAIN.

It's our first day back to "normal".

Grammie's Vacation Club for Granddaughter's has closed for the season.

I know we're going to have a "detox" period. I know we're going to test mom's limits again. I know I'm going to have to get used to the noise level of LOUD once again. Knowing this, I decided last night as I lay in bed, that we needed distraction today. Daddy's working late tonight, which will make this day even longer. Last night our options were many...go to a park, go to a pool, stay home and play outside much of the day...This morning our options were gone.

I wanted to cry this morning, when faced with 12 hours of whining, fussing, picking, screaming, fighting, crying, and complaining.

I really didn't think my children wanted me to behave like that.

So I researched my indoor activity options. They were few. I decided on Kung Fu Panda, since, well, it really was my only option.

This was my first attempt at taking all three kids to a movie by myself. Before we've gone with friends, or daddy, or grammie. But I've never done it alone. Hoping that Austin would make it through the movie, we headed out.

I'm doing this! I thought, as I drove to the theatre, I finally scraped up the courage to tackle this by myself!

I was actually kind of excited as we arrived, We can do this!

We made it into the theatre, after a potty stop, and a popcorn stop, and found some good seats that gave us easy access to the exit, just in case. We got settled just in time for the lights to dim, and the previews to start. Soon the movie started, and to my delight, all three kids seemed happy and calm. After twenty minutes or so, Austin got a little more active, but was still manageable. After another twenty minutes he settled down again, and I was pretty sure we were home free for the rest of the movie. And then...


That's the imaginary sound I heard as the movie disappeared and the emergency lights went on. At first we stayed put, assuming they'd fix the technical difficulties and we'd get on with the show.

Or not.

25 minutes later we were back in the car with our "rain checks". Apparently there was a large power outage, and there was no telling how long the theatre would be closed.



I mean, what are the odds? My first attempt, and it was going so well!

So we're home again. Fighting and screaming and picking...

We may attempt "take two" tonight.

If I can muster up the courage!


Alana said...

Oh Shelley. Seriously? When does that happen? So sorry. You are seriously brave to attempt take 2. We saw Wall-e last cute!

JP's MOM said... they give you a popcorn voucher too?

Major bummer...although you could have spent the day mopping up 36,000 square feet of 2-3 inch deep water like my hubby.

Or a full day wrangling AJ while mopping up my own 5000 square feet of water, all the while trying to make grumpy tourists spend lots of money.

I'll take three kids with no power any day! :)

Jamie said...

You are brave. It took me a while to get my two girls to the movie alone. Now it's a breeze. I can't imagine 3, one being Mr. Wildman.

Fran said...

You are kidding me?? At that point, I would have stopped around a little bit and maybe mumbled some things under my breath I shouldn't have! :)

So proud of you! I bet you get another chance.


Janelle said...

Oh, the pain! I am so sorry that happened. Hope today is a better, sunny day!

Laney-Lou said...

Well at least you know it can possibly happen...taking three kids solo that is! I'm so proud of you for being brave Shell! Stinks that you had to take the rain checks and it didn't work out....but on the bright side, the kids did great for an hour or so!

Carissa said...

that's crazy. a power outage???? that is nuts. can't believe that happened to you. but good job on making the trek! you rock! : )

Earen said...

Ah, man....what a huge bummer. As a mom I can really understand being in that situation, maybe minus taking 3 kids to a movie & the power going are a good mama & brave too!

Sarah Markley said...

soooo sorry. you are a brave woman. and, apparently, exhausted! =)