Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My boy.

He smells like wood chips and ranch dressing.

Austin spent the morning playing his heart out, like he does everyday. He has so much zest for life, so much determination, it amazes me.

He's different, this boy of mine, much different than his sisters. I am loving being a mama to a boy. He's almost 21 months old, he weighs 31 pounds, and he can out run both his sisters...but he's still my baby.

This morning our activities included playing with Nana inside for two hours, then going outside to play in the dog's house (hence the wood chip smell), play in the kiddie pool, play backyard t-ball, and play with the dog.

After that we had a bath! Want to know how many hair washings it took to get all the wood chips out of his hair?

A LOT! :)

Then we had lunch, pizza and carrots with ranch dressing to dip them in. He loves to dip things, including his hair!

I just layed my tuckered out boy down to sleep. As I held him and sang to him he cuddled up to me and let his sweet body relax. I love these times, when he's still my baby, they melt my mama heart.

I nuzzled my face in his hair, kissing his head, and smiled when I realized he smelled like wood chips and ranch dressing.



Janelle said...

How much do I love that he still lets you rock and cradle him to sleep?

Boys are so stinkin' special, even when they are a little stinky!

Teresa said...

He's too precious, that's for sure! Isn't it amazing how DIRTY little boys get by doing NOTHING? I'm glad he's still your snuggle bunny...there's nothing that can compare to lovin' from your son!

Celeste said...

Luke actually let me rock him to sleep tonight too! It was awesome! :)

Fran said...

I would have taken a bit ole bite out of that darling face! :)

Fran said...

I mean BIG ole bite!

Pam said...

I love sleeping kid pictures. He looks so peaceful. That was a cute post. Wood chips and ranch dressing... maybe you could market that.

Earen said...

I never thought God would give me boys yet here I am with 3 of the biggest blessings life could hold. They are wild, rough, stinky, and oh, such a delight...even amidst the rough times, they are a treasure. Austin is just darling! Love that picture of him sleeping!

michelle said...

Austin is such a cutie! I'm glad you had a fun day!

Darlene R. said...

I love cuddling with my baby boy. He is such a lover.
Austin is so cute. Cherish these sweet times!

Laney-Lou said...

I LOVE IT!!! He's so adorable and I miss him so much!! I'm sure being a mom of a boy finally has been quite the change, but such a blessing!