Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun times!

Simple family outings aren't so simple when you have an Asperger's kid with sensory issues. It's a realization that I'm finally coming to after years of fighting to make things happen, only to end up with a whole family meltdown by the end of an evening of "fun".

There are just certain things that Ellie does not like, and cannot handle. As she's gotten older, and can communicate better, we're starting to figure out what does and does not work. She can handle a lot more than she used to, thanks to therapy and medicine, but there are still situations we avoid. Anything super loud, crowded places, music shows, etc..not so good for her. It's hard though, with the other kids in the house that CAN handle those things. I struggle to find a balance of fun and exciting for my younger two, and calm and relaxing for Ellie. I'm learning to take the opportunities for the more exciting stuff when Ellie spends a night at Grammie's, and relax a little more about always needing to keep the family together.

The other night one of those opportunities presented itself, and with Ellie at Grammie's house, J and I decided to take Annie and Austin to ride go-carts! The four of us had a blast at The Track. We played arcade games, rode The Lumberjack, and finished off with Andy's frozen custard! It was a great night, and I am so happy with how much fun my little A's got to have. Ellie was completely happy to have NOT gone, and came home thrilled with her special time at Grammie's. Yay!

I still have this nagging guilt down deep though, a feeling that Ellie missed the fun. I guess more than guilt it's just that desire in me for her to enjoy the things the rest of us do. I'm trying to let that go, and be ok with it all...I'm getting there. :-)

But our night with the A's really was picture perfect, only I forgot to take pictures! It was a super warm spring night, and riding the go-carts after the sun went down took me back to my own childhood. I did get a couple of pics in the arcade...Skee Ball!

In the end the boys beat the girls on the track. Darn it. Next time Annie and I will make sure we're in line ahead of those boys!

Here's to taking life one day at a time!


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Josh and Lane Whitlock said...

Hey--it's a win win for ALL! Don't feel guilty! Ellie had a blast with Grammy (as she always does) and I'm sure she's not feeling left out of the "fun" at all. ;-) Happy to see you're finding that medium between extremes for the whole family to enjoy, yet still getting to cut loose now and then! Love you!!