Monday, April 2, 2012

Roaring River

Sometimes it's hard for me to get us out of the house. I want to do fun things with the kids, but our reality can be so very difficult sometimes, that it makes it all just too much.  I was determined though, to take the kids to Roaring River to see the beauty that I vaguely remembered from my childhood. It's not far away, but just far enough. 

The day was warm, the water was VERY cold. We bravely waded in the sparkling clear waters, our feet turning blue and numb. The kids found pretty rocks, I took pictures.  A snake was spotted, and our fun ended. :)

We headed home, stopping to play at the playground at Big Cedar on the way, and deciding we need to spend a night out there soon. It's so beautiful there.

The day was not without it's hardships. It was challenging at times. Frustrating. As is usually the case with us. But I'm still glad we did it. 
Roaring River, 2012

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