Monday, March 19, 2012

Bloggy Catch-up

I've been blogging like crazy 2008 (and 2009!)

So if you see any weird posts showing up in your news feed, that's why!

I'm trying to catch up, make sure I've recorded everything I wanted to. It's mostly pictures and just a few words, and it's mostly because I want to print my blog as a scrapbook for our family.

But as I read through my old posts I find myself missing that writer. I like her funny words, her deeper thoughts, even her good advice.

Sigh...I don't feel much like her lately.

Ever feel like your life is in limbo? Like its been that way for a loooong time? And wonder when the limbo game will be over? Or is it just me and my crazy life?

I'm trying to find peace within the limbo-ness. But honestly, it's really hard.

And I'm trying to find that girl that used to write with such confidence. That girl that didn't worry so much about over-sharing or under-sharing. That girl that just said what she felt and thought.

I know she's in here somewhere.



dawn said...

Love you, sweet friend.

Josh and Lane Whitlock said...

She's still there!! Try a little mascato! Hahaha Love you cuz!!!