Thursday, March 8, 2012


I've been dreading this birthday. Not so much because of the number...ok, a little because of the number, but more because I always do a little self reflecting when my birthday comes, and this year I'm not loving what I'm seeing.


Then my husband goes and plans a great night, with great friends, and even surprises me with a cake!

2 of my bff's!

My awesome husband!

My bro and sis-in-law. This picture will forever make me laugh!

I also had a fun day with my cousin Lauren and her two Adorable babies, complete with ice cream sundaes! On my birthday I got to have breakfast with my friends, and then spend the day shopping with my mom. She gave me these beautiful flowers!!

AND a few days later a nice coffee date with Nana and Michelle.

So, I'm feeling better. How could I not? I have family and friends that love me even when I'm not loving myself. People that can change my attitude with their smiles and hugs.

I am blessed.


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Josh and Lane Whitlock said...

Ok Chris and Michelle are cracking me up! Too funny! Gla you had an awesome birthday...almost a month ago.

Blog stalker.