Saturday, November 19, 2011

Love this town

Our town.

It is unique, in that it is a draw for millions of tourists, and yet it's a small town for us "locals". In many ways we have the best of both worlds. My favorite times though, are the small town moments.

Branson loves Veterans, and every year we put on a Veterans Day parade. All of the kids used to go, but now that they're in school they don't get the chance.
This year though, Annie was a little sick, and stayed home from school. By mid-morning she was doing much better and we decided to catch the parade.

Our shop is in the heart of downtown Branson, and the parade goes directly in front of it. For years, starting with Jason's parents, we close the shop for business while the parade is going. It's a respect thing, and we proudly stand out front and honor out veterans.

Annie and Nana watching the parade...

Thank you veterans!


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