Monday, November 21, 2011


10 years ago I painted a room for my first, yet to be born, daughter. I heaved my 7 month pregnant body up and down a ladder, and all around that room. I painted trees, birdhouses, flowers, and butterflies, and clouds on the ceiling. I poured myself into it, imagining the wonderfully precious baby that would soon be sleeping there. I was young, I had never been sleep deprived, and honestly I was quite naive about what parenthood would be like. Obviously there have been a lot of twists and turns over the last 10 years, but somehow we've made it almost a decade. :)

About a year ago I realized Ellie was quickly outgrowing her room, and it's decor, so we started talking and planning, and now we're finally putting some paint on the walls!

It's a beautiful (calming) pool blue color. I love it, and I am a very happy with how things are turning out. Yes it's bittersweet. As I painted over the butterflies and flowers I remembered how excited I was 10 years ago, and how different things have gone than what I expected. What will the next 10 years hold? Only God knows. I pray that her new, calming and beautiful room, will see her grow into a lovely young woman, full of Gods glorious grace.

Stay tuned, I'll be posting pictures soon!


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