Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Photo Shoot, 2011!

We literally threw on some clothes and ran outside for this years Christmas card photo shoot.  My un-planned-ness paid off this year though, because we made it through our quick at home session with no drama. NO DRAMA!

Ok...a little drama.  But not because of a grumpy child or parent, which is our norm. Just a little "mommyforgottochargethecamerabattery" drama. No worries though, while we charged the battery I used my trusty iPhone (have I mentioned my adoration for my iPhone? Miraculous) to snap a few pics. Then once the battery had enough juice, we set up the tripod and got the family shot.


I think we may do this again next year. Easy peasy, happy kids, happy parents. Win Win!

I'll just remember to charge the battery next time. :)

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