Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to School!

It's another new school year, and yes. I'm already behind!

For the first time ever, all three of my babies started school on the same day!!!

I was concerned our morning would be crazy hectic, but because of my fear, I over-prepared and over-organized and we ended up having the smoothest first day of school morning we've ever had, which left us with plenty of time for cute First Day of School Pictures! Yay!

Ellie is in 4th grade this year. Seriously? How did that happen? She has a great teacher that I've had the pleasure of getting to know, and getting to help already. Ellie has some special needs, and it takes the right kind of teacher to make her life, and therefore my life, go well! Mrs. V has been a blessing in so many ways already, and we're only two weeks into the school year!

Annie is a sweet First Grader this year! She was so excited to get back to school, see her friends, and not be bored by mommy anymore! :) She wore the cutest watermelon dress for her back to school outfit, that my dear friend Jeanette made for her! Seriously, I love having talented friends. Annie has been loving the first grade, and reports that her favorite things have been recess with good friends Avery, Gracie, and Elizabeth, PE, and Library!

Austin gets to be in two preschools this year, lucky boy! They are in the same building, even on the same hall, AND on the same hall as Annie's class! His mornings are spent in Pirate Preschool, where he has Mrs. C and is learning how "real" school works. After lunch he goes down the hall to his ECSE school, where he's been for the last two years. He has new teachers, but is familiar with everything, and is doing great!

So every morning for two weeks now, all three kids go to school. Wow. I'm still getting used to the quiet house, and my "free time". It's an adjustment for sure! So far I think I've spent way too much time wandering around with a blank look on my face, almost lost without the screaming/yelling/chaos around me. My brain has been wired for almost 10 years to work within the chaos, and now I have to remember how to work without it! It's good though, I really do enjoy the time while they're at school. And I am so much happier and more patient with them when they come home.

Yep, it's all good! Happy new school year!

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