Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things Change.

When Ellie was a toddler, and we were dropping her off in the church nursery, we would have a large bag filled to the brim that went with her. Extra clothes, 10 diapers, a full pack of wipes, extra snacks and drinks...etc. I would clutch the church nursery pager tightly in my hand the entire time she was in her class, and check it several times to make sure it was working.

When Annie was a toddler, and we were dropping her off in the church nursery, we would have a small bag filled to the brim that went with her. Extra clothes, 2 diapers, half a pack of wipes, and one drink. I would hook the pager to my clothes, after I checked it once to make sure it was working.

I think you know where this is going.

We dropped off Austin in the church nursery Sunday, at our NEW church, one we've only been at for two weeks.

Usually I hand the nursery workers a tiny bag with one diaper and a few wipes. This Sunday I forgot to even do that. I took the pager, and promptly forgot all about it.

2 hours later, we went to pick him up..

Austin had a dirty diaper. But I hadn't sent any diapers. Or wipes. It had leaked. He had no extra clothes. They had paged us, but I hadn't even noticed.

Way to make a great impression at the new church! Ha!

I felt so bad! My sweet friend who takes care of all the children's classes was very gracious. They had diapers, wipes, and even extra shorts for him. They didn't mind that we hadn't noticed the page, they were very understanding.

Poor kid. I'm not sure what happened to the "always prepared" parents we used to be. Sometime after Austin was born, that mommy disappeared, and I took her place.

I will never let my kid run around outside in just a diaper. I will never never bribe my kids with candy. I will never let my kids dictate what we watch on TV. I will never not send my own diapers with my child at church...

Yeah. Right.

It's a good thing we're not planning on a fourth child. I mean, who would feed the poor thing?


Celeste said...

I can totally relate- and I just have two so far!

Darlene R. said...

I know just what you're talking about!
I loved your last comment about who would feed the poor thing. Too funny!!

Cora Bullock said...

Uh-oh! Poor Austin! At least he was too young to feel the embarrassment, and it’s a good thing the person in charge was very nice and had supplies. I do have to applaud the convenience that nursery pagers bring, by the way. It’s never easy to be separated from your baby, but to know that you can be reached for anything regarding your baby while you’re at a sermon is truly comforting. And these new noiseless versions are much better than, say, an electronic billboard advertising a child’s name or something, haha!

Pathane Wadler said...

It's been 3 years since then, have you told Annie about this? :) Anyway, why didn't you notice your pager back then? You must've turned off the vibration, too. Well, those things happen sometimes. Annie, now, has one of her memorable childhood experiences, that is, if you told her that story. :D