Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A letter of concen.

Dear People who are in charge of Daylight savings time,

I would like to express a concern I have over the time change. I understand that an extra hour of daylight is a very good thing for many reasons. Less traffic accidents, lower heating bills, more time to get things done...all good things. HOWEVER, there is just one small problem that I don't think you've considered.

Her name is Ellie.

It seems that the time change has completely thrown our girl "out of whack" and has really messed with her head.

So, if you'd like to continue this whole time change thing, would you please take my girl off my hands for a couple of weeks, and then bring her back to me after she's acclimated to the new time? That would be greatly appreciated.

Mom of screaming seven year old.


Alana said...

Oh Shelley, so sorry! Great letter, though. Now the only question is...who do you send it to? ;-0

Jamie said...

I totally agree. Time change makes me nervous. I say lets just pick one and stick with it.

Janelle said...

The people of Starbucks would find that letter and destroy it!! They made BIG money last week off all the really stressed out parents!! You and me, both!

Darlene R. said...

Oh Shelly, bless your heart! I so know what you are talking about.
The difference though is that I am the one who can't seem to get used to it! I have lived almost my whole life without ever changing times, so it just doesn't make sense to me!