Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For Lauren.

So, I was just talking to my cousin Lauren, who kindly asked me when the heck I was going to put something new up on the ole blog. She nicely pointed out that it's been WEEKS since Ellie turned seven.

So...What to blog about.


And that's why I haven't been blogging!

I guess I have bloggy block or something.

The only thing I can come up with is randomness...

Like...Here I sit, in my car, in the parking lot of my daughter's swimming lessons place, with Austin strapped in his car seat (that's always a good thing) drinking a coke, and watching the clock so I'm not late to pick them up. I was thrilled when I discovered this place had free WIFI!

Or...I turn 32 on Thursday. I'm totally fine with that age, there's actually been times lately that I've thought I was already 32, which in itself shows acceptance I think. HOWEVER, I think I have a problem with my birthday in general. I'm not sure why, but the last few years, I get really cranky right around my birthday. I think it might have something to do with feeling like everything should be all about me, and then it's not, and then I get all whiny in my head. Sad, but true. This year I get to work the book fair for Ellie's school on my bday, and take Austin to the ENT. Yay. Okay, pitty party over.

Facebook...has sucked the bloggy life right out of me. It's just so EASY to come up with a line or two or three about the crazy happenings in my daily life. Much easier than a whole blog post!

I have 7 minutes left.

Seriously, I am sorry Lauren, but that's about all I've got right now. Larry the Cucumber is singing about a great big squash that sat upon his hat, and that's all that my brain can comprehend right now!

I'll leave you with my facebook update for the day...

Shelley is on a beach, somewhere sunny and warm, with just my husband, and a good book, and a nice drink...at least in my dreams!

Oh, and I already lost those 30 pounds.


Fran said...

Ok..my favorite part was the birthday thing. I'm the EXACT same way. Its not about me and then I'm slightly ticked. ;)

Happy early birthday. I think you are fabulous and if I lived with all you crazy girls, I'd throw you a crazy birthday dinner!


Darlene R. said...

Happy early birthday! I'm with you on the FB, it is SO much easier.

Janelle said...

Let's get Fran over here!!

All of this is TRUE, TRUE and more TRUE!!

I hope this bday is ALL ABOUT YOU!

Can you leave Austin home for a coffee morning date?

JP's MOM said...

ooh if you do the coffe morning tomorrow...let me know.

I have felt the same way the last two years, but let's face it my husband did nothing for my 29 and my 30 I had 3 week old twins, so it is a complete blurr.

I can't wait to celebrate ya soon! Whattya going pick for your night?

Anonymous said...

a blog post just for me!! hahaha. well thanks for the randomness. i can't believe you will be 32 tomorrow!!!!! WEIRD!!!!!!

Alana said...

Yes ma'am! I totally agree about the birthday, thing...but each year I resign myself to this new fate a little big more. Sad.