Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just One.

Today I remembered what it's like to have Just One.

My mom, bless her fabulous heart, took the girls for TWO nights this weekend. This came just after she'd taken all THREE for a night, just a couple of days ago! Like I said, she is Fabulous!

So this morning I woke up with just one. All day I've had just one, and now I am about to go to bed, with just one baby in my house. And yes, he is a baby, he is my baby, who just so happens to be 2 and a half, as of today.


Anyway. I often think things like, Why in the WORLD did I think just one kid was hard?! I mean, I have THREE now, THREE is hard! One? One is a piece of cake!


But today I remembered that, One? One can be hard. One was hard. Granted, not as hard as three, but still hard.

Today Austin and I played. We shopped, or rather, I chased/wrestled/entertained/bribed Austin, while I shopped. We missed nap time, so he napped in the car while I put things away at home, and hopped online for a few quick minutes. Then we played some more. Then we cuddled and watched one of his favorite cartoons. Then it was dinnertime. Then more playtime. And finally, BEDTIME!

I have teased, maybe not always in such a nice way, about people who think Just One child is hard. HA! I've said, They have NO idea what hard is!

Today I was reminded what life used to be like. And I was reminded to be a kinder, gentler person to those who have just one. While I did accomplish much more than I would have been able to with all three at home, it was still a long and exhausting, albeit FUN, day.

I enjoyed this day so much though. Having just Austin on his half birthday was fun. He was a sweetheart today, I got lots of hugs and kisses...when I could catch him. :)

And tomorrow I will get the girls back, and I will have three again. So I better go to bed, because I'm going to need all the energy I can get!


Laney-Lou said...

Oh this HAS to be my favorite picture of this child EVER! It embodies everything about him! He's just a doll. Glad you two had fun on his half birthday without the girls. I think every child in the family should have a day with mom and/or dad alone now and again!

Janelle said...

Glad you had a special time with him. What a special boy!!

Fran said...

My youngest is now 8 and I crave just one on one time with any of my is definitily easier and I completely cherish that rare time with any of them.

I'm glad you had a sweet time with that little man. He's just soooo cute too! :)


Alana said...

That picture is classic Austin. Glad you enjoyed your time with just him!