Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

These are the things that I keep trying to write about this week. Since I cannot seem to formulate coherent thoughts into quality posts though, I am making a list.

Thirteen random post ideas...

1. Shoe shopping with your husband and three kids isn't always fun. We tried this on Saturday night, and we all became extremely overwhelmed! It didn't help that we were at an outlet mall during a Tornado warning! I am not easily deterred though, so we stuck it out in the Crocs shoe store!

2. Speaking of the Crocs shoe store...Talk about overwhelming! Poor Ellie raced from one side to the other for an hour, and still couldn't make up her mind. I had to take her back by herself Monday afternoon, and it took us another hour! She finally ended up with three pairs of her favorite shoes. Not quite sure how that happened. One pair of pink crocs, one pair of Crocs flip flops, and one pair of Sponge Bob Crocs.

3. I hate Sponge Bob. I wouldn't let her watch it for years, and I lost the battle this year when they watched it at school. I realize it's not all that awful, I just think it's annoying. When she picked out the Sponge Bob Crocs, I made the cardinal sin of motherhood and told her I didn't like them. From that moment on, she would not be deterred from the Sponge Bob Crocs.

4. We still don't know what my mystery illness was. They did a biopsy, and then we heard nothing. I finally called the doctor back, and gently prompted them to check and find out where in the world my results were. They finally found out that the test had not been run yet. What? Apparently they forgot to fill in a blank on the form, so the lab didn't do the test. Nice. Thankfully they still have that little piece of my arm though, so maybe we'll know something soon.

5. My weird spots do look a lot better. You can see them still, but they're more like discolorations now. They do sometimes still itch, and I just really want them gone!

6. They put me on a bunch of different medicines for my mystery illness. One of them was Prednisone. I've never been on that before, and I never want to be again! I have had WEIRD side affects...tightness in my chest, strange pain, fluid weight gain, then loss, then the weirdest sensation that my whole body was bruised. Crazy! I think it was necessary, as my arms started swelling and were very painful, but like I said, I hope I never have to be on that again! I finished it three days ago, and my symptoms are almost gone, Thank You God!

7. I am ALONE today! I wasn't supposed to be, but Ellie's field trip to the zoo was canceled at the last minute, so here I sit...ALONE! Mom has the little kids for the day, and said she'd bring them down later this afternoon. I love you mom!

8. I literally stood in my kitchen for twenty minutes after I got back home this morning, trying to figure out what to do. I have tons of stuff I need to do, but I think I was in such shock over being ALONE, that I didn't know where to start! I finally collected my thoughts, came to my senses, made a list, and then...took a nap.

9. I didn't used to be a napper. But I am now. I love naps.

10. I felt so bad for the kindergarten teachers today! I have never seen such sad faces in my life when they canceled the field trip. We really thought we were still going, right up until the last minute. Those poor teachers then had to collect themselves and figure out how to make it through their unexpected day, with a class full of disappointed children. Ugh.

11. Oh, why was the field trip canceled? It's was fifty degrees and pouring down rain. In mid-May! I mean the rain, yes, but the temps??? Hopefully we'll get to go next week.

12. I remembered last night why I don't read anymore. Michelle lent me her unauthorized autobiography of Tom Cruise. I am fascinated with him, and was really interested to read it. Since I finished a book a couple of months ago, for the first time in five years, I thought I'd pick up reading again, a little at a time. So, I began a couple of nights ago, a little at a time. Then last night I started reading, and didn't stop until 1:30 AM. I am crazy! I am a mommy! I cannot do that!

13. I have one more hour before I pick up Ellie. I think I have time for one more project.

Or another nap.


Carissa said...

great thursday 13! very fun to get a little update on you! enjoy that 2nd nap. i'm pretty jealous! oh, and ole sparky drove all the way to SGF and was sitting outside the zoo waiting for like an hour. poor girl! but she took it well, cause she's a trooper!

Janelle said...

Naps are my friend. I don't know how to make it through the day without one anymore.

Great post! I feel like I just got a whole lot of Shelley right there. I love it!

Earen said...

So glad you got some time alone!!

JP's MOM said...

Sponge Bob at school?!

At OUR school?!

In Kindergarten no less?


I do believe I would have had an earfull for my teacher that day.

Maybe I am just too picky.

Darlene R. said...

Wow, time alone. It's so wonderful. Good for you for taking a nap!
I hope you figure out the whole spots thing.

What happened to your upside down flower? I can't see it. Is it still there??

Alana said...

The field trip cancellation is just so sad!

Can't believe they never sent your test results in!!

Glad you had a day to yourself!!

michelle said...

You deserve to get in some good reading and nap time! Glad you enjoyed your unexpected time alone!

Fran said...

That was a good list Shelley.
I'm impressed...that was alot to remember and write about. And you said you couldn't put coherent thoughts together! ;)

Have a great weekend.