Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thrill Seekers

One of my children is a thrill seeker. You might think it was Austin, who is very adventurous, but no, I'm talking about Annie! She's my roller coaster riding, slide climbing, high swinging, crazy girl! I've gotten used to her being the one to volunteer to ride the big ride first, or jump from the highest step, but the other day she surprised me by wanting to ROPE SWING FROM A CLIFF! That girl is brave! She swam over with her uncle, siblings and cousins and was ready to try it! Uncle Chris helped her grab the swing, coached her on how to do it, and off she went!

WOW! Go Annie!

She's not the only adventurous one in the family either! Olivia had a blast rope swinging into the lake too!

The kids are having a blast on our new boat this year too. I can't get Annie to stop tubing! Hopefully next year we'll have some ski's and wake boards for these crazy thrill seeking kids!

This has been a fun Summer!

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