Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I really did it...

I sent them to summer school.

Can you believe it? Am I a mean mom?

It's interesting to get people's reaction to the fact that I put all three of my kids in summer school this year. Yes, even Austin. I've had various comments ranging from "Good for you!" to "I would never do that." I have friends who always put their kids in summer school, and I have friends who never-in-a-million-years would choose to do it. Who knew this was such a dividing topic?

I have to say, I surprised myself by actually doing this. I mean, sure I've threatened it before...If you kids don't stop fighting I'm calling the school and taking you in!" But this year I did it. See, 2 days into summer, we got the news that Austin couldn't swim for at least 3 weeks. His ears were severely infected again. Nice.

I sat at home with 3 fighting kids for a few days. We couldn't go to the pool, we couldn't go to the lake, we couldn't play in the sprinklers, and it was 95 degrees outside. I'd had all the whining, fighting, complaining and fussing I could take, when a friend mentioned summer school. I brushed it off at first, them my mom mentioned it. Then I thought about it...and made the call. And you know what?

They have LOVED it!

Annie is sad that it is ending tomorrow, Austin has enjoyed eating lunch at school for the first time, and even Ellie has enjoyed it since she's getting to do all the "fun stuff" (reading, computers, recess) and none of the "bad stuff" (PE) , you gotta love that girl. :)

And me? I'm not gonna lie, having 4 quiet mornings a week for three weeks has been pure bliss.

Yesterday Austin had an ear check-up and we got the news that HE CAN SWIM! Yay! The timing is brilliant (Thank you God!) with summer school ending tomorrow. I am so happy for my sweet boy who has been begging to go to the pool. I pray that his ears stay healthy, and our summer can have lots of fun water time.

And as for summer school, they all say they want to go every year. Go figure!


Carissa said...

i think that is AWESOME, shelley!!! way to go girl!

Janelle said...

I think it was brilliant!!! You were given a gift, my friend.

MarytheKay said...

You are a genius, my friend!! And how FUN that they have loved it so much!!! Three cheers for summer school! And three cheers for a new tradition. :-)

Alana said...

I am with Janelle. Brilliant. :-)