Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love online shopping!

I discovered my love for online shopping soon after I discovered the internet. The combination of easiness, and the fact that I had just moved to a small town with limited shopping options, made internet shopping a dream come true!

I remember my very first online order, a set of cool looking hand painted coasters (that later my first born destroyed!). I was so excited as I clicked the "buy" button! My heart pounded as I entered in my payment and shipping info on my chunky monitored, large towered, dial-up internet, computer. I felt a rush, almost dangerous as I finished my order. After all, who knew what could happen in cyber-world! Would my credit card get hacked? Would I actually receive those beautiful coasters? Oh I was living on the edge! :)

But as luck would have it, my coasters arrived safe and sound, and I was hooked on online shopping. I just discovered a new website that I am loving, and I wish would have been around when my first baby was born! and it's sister site are my new favorite websites. How many times did I need diapers and wipes, but it was so hard to leave the house with one or two babies in tow? How many times did I think to myself, if only someone could come sit with my sleeping child so I could run and get diapers? Now you can shop while they sleep, and within 2 days have your diapers delivered to your door! (Mine came the NEXT day!) I compared a few prices to my local Target store, and I was happy to see that they were fairly comparable on most things. Right now they have a special offer where you get a 30% credit on any diapers you order. I tried it, and it works! I ordered the pull ups we use and some wipes, got 15% off at check-out with my coupon code, and then a few days later got an email that my credit was in my account. And I used my credit today to buy some things on that we needed! Anyway, I just wanted to let my friends know about it. If you have babies or toddlers, I think it might be a life saver! Use the code below to get 15% off your first order, and use the code "30LOVE" to get the 30% cash back credit! Oh and they have free shipping on orders over $49, which with diapers is easy to achieve! Have fun shopping!

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