Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Honor America!!!

College of the Ozarks is a local college very close to our home. It's a wonderful campus, very picturesque, and every summer about a week before the Fourth of July they do a celebration called Honor America. Anyone and Everyone is invited to set up their chairs and blankets on the grounds by Lake Honor and spend the evening visiting with friends and neighbors and let the kids roam free with their friends too. There are free crafts set up for the kids to make bracelets and necklaces, color and paint pictures, and even free face painting. That was the first thing the girls wanted to do, so as soon as we set up our stuff with a large group of awesome friends, we headed to the face painting table!

Austin was thrilled with the fire truck that the kids were encouraged to explore! We had to drag him away from it three times!

We did have one little mishap. We were set up by the lake, and Austin loved standing at the fence and staring at the water. Then I guess he decided that something should be thrown in the water, and before anyone could stop him, he'd grabbed a girl's soccer ball and tossed it in. Yikes! Thankfully some quick thinking boys found a long stick (or yanked a branch off a tree!) and fished it out for us!

I just love the whole thing. It's like stepping into a Normal Rockwell picture, America at its best!

And even if we never get the "perfect" family picture, we at least try! :)

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Alana said...

I can't believe we missed it AGAIN this year! Looks like so much fun!