Sunday, December 21, 2008


I love a good tradition. Some of my favorites are Christmas traditions, of which my family has many. They may not be the same as many families, but that's okay, that's the great thing about a family tradition, it's personal. For instance, one of my very favorite traditions comes the day after Christmas.

We go Shopping! It started with my Mom, Aunt, and Grandma, and sometimes my Uncle. I'm not sure exactly when I started to join them, but at some point I did. Then came my cousins, Lauren and Lane, whom I adore! :) When Jason and I got married, he joined in the fun too. He surprised me by wanting to go. For a few years that's how it stayed. A Suburban full of people, shopping bags, and a couple of boxes of treats to keep us going. We stock up on wrapping paper and decorations, and even buy each other birthday gifts for the coming year. Good good times! Now with three kids underfoot, it gets a little tricky. However, I still go, at least for a little while. I just have to!

Another thing I love is making New traditions. Traditions that start with me and my little family. One we've begun is Christmas morning at home. That is one that many people take for granted, but not me. Growing up we had many places to be on Christmas day. We would often travel to 2 or 3 different houses, for different "Christmases." That was fun in itself. I mean, what kid doesn't love getting gifts all day long! But I was an only child, and after we had Annie, I realized that hauling my family around isn't so easy! I craved time at home with my babies. Time to watch them tear into gifts with their jammies still on. And so, a new tradition was born! Now we spend the morning at home, and then go do a "big" Christmas with the rest of our families. Perfect.

And just today, I do believe we started another new tradition in our home...Donut Making!

Mmmm...can you smell them? They smell divine!

My wonderful husband, turned chef lately, got himself a fancy new deep fryer a couple of weeks ago, and he's been dying to try his hand at donuts. So this afternoon, after Austin went down for a nap (Because Austin + Hot oil = Imminent Disaster! :) Daddy and the girls made some Donuts!

Folks, I do believe this is a tradition that will stick! They are YUMMY! Thanks my love, for being such a great chef! And for your patience with your "helpers."

Next we're having the nieces over for a donut making night! They've been asking when they can come make donuts with Uncle JJ. And after tasting those delightful things, I'd say they can come make some very Very soon! Because I don't think this batch will last long!


Carissa said...

yummy!!! what fun! what time is the next batch going to be ready? i'll be over! : )

michelle said...

Elaina can't wait! She has been asking every other day!

Alana said...

How about having me over for a donut making party? Yum.

Janelle said...

I love traditions that surround this holiday. It makes me feel all warm and gooey on the inside.

Or, is it the donut?

Laney-Lou said...

What a GREAT post Shell!