Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's a good thing she's only four years old...

My sweet Annie Grace has a way about her. A way of making me want to buy her the moon, and even a few stars just for kicks. She's just so sweet. Like when she holds my face in her hands to tell me something. Or like this morning when she woke up a little cranky, but cuddled into me when I picked her warm little body up, and said...Mommy, you're just the best mommy in the world. Mercy she gets to me!

We have had one little challenge lately though. Even though she was potty trained pretty well, oh I don't know, like A YEAR AGO, for the last few months she's regressed. Why? I have no idea. We haven't had any more babies or anything! Anyway, so we've struggled a lot with this, rarely making it through a day with no accidents. We've tried sticker charts, candy, money, toys...you name it, to get her motivated. Nothing has stuck. So imagine my excitement when she asked a few weeks ago if she could earn the Barbie Princess Alexa (that would be from Barbie's latest hit movie "Barbie and the Diamond Castle" for all of you who don't have preschool girls) for keeping her panties dry. Never mind the fact that she was already getting Alexa, and her friend Liana, from Santa for Christmas, of course she could earn her!!! Anything that works! I'll find something else Santa can bring.

For two weeks she tried, but didn't make it more than 2 days without an accident. I honestly wasn't holding out much hope that she'd make it by Christmas. However, 5 days ago, something changed. For 5 days she's kept her panties dry!!! I'm praying we have a breakthrough, but also trying not to be too hopeful. SO, this morning I went to Wal*Mart to find something that Santa could bring, since it's looking more and more like she might actually EARN those princesses after all! Oh, and yes, she's now earning BOTH princesses. One the first week, and one the second. I couldn't help myself when she looked at me with her big brown eyes and asked me soooo sweetly if she could pleeeaaase earn both. Well yes, of course, because your mommy's a sucker.

At Wal*Mart I found what I was looking for. The Barbie Diamond Princess Horse and Magical Carriage. And Yes, it is as wonderful as it sounds. :) I knew she'd love it the moment I pushed the button and it played the beautiful theme music I've come to know so well. I bought it, put it in the back of the suburban, and went to pick her up at preschool.

After preschool we ran a couple of errands, picked up Austin from daddy, and headed home. After we pulled into the garage, I took a moment to shuffle through the mail before unloading everyone. Annie unbuckled, and talked to me for a minute, before climbing into the back to play. I, of course, had completely forgotten by then that Santa's big gift to her was back there. That is until I heard...Mommy! What did you buy me!!!

Oh crap.

My mind raced. What do I say? What do I do? I stuttered for a second, saying something like, Oh honey, you weren't supposed to see that...Then it came to me! And I said, You know how we sometimes buy toys for other kids who don't have much? Well, see, Mommy was thinking this would be nice for a kid like that. And all of that is true. We do buy gifts for other kids, and it would be a nice gift for any child. Right? Okay, so I feel slightly guilty since I don't actually plan on giving it away, but what's a mommy to do? And it worked. She said, Oh, okay. But mommy, can you get ME one? One JUST LIKE THIS. PLEEEAASE!!! I said I'd think about it. :) And then I said, Maybe you can ask Santa for it! And she said, YES! That is what I'll do!


And it works out well, because she honestly couldn't think of anything to ask Santa for when she gets to see him this weekend. And now I'll be returning to Wal*Mart and buying a couple of barbies for kids who don't have much so I don't feel so guilty. And her utter belief in Santa is still in tact. I'm just grateful that she's only four, and she still believes every word I say. Otherwise I'd have had to give her that, AND find something else from Santa! Which, in four year old girl world, is like getting the Moon, the Stars, AND the Sun.

Even I draw the line at the sun.

At least until the next time she tells me how wonderful I am.


Jamie said...

Good save Shelley. She is a doll!!

Alana said...

Phew! That was a close one! Love that sweet pic of her!

Teresa said...

Oh Annie! Sooooooooo sweet and such a sweet post! Awesome save with the AWESOME gift (Ashlyn would D-I-E...heck, Eli would even like that)! I usually have to shop with the kids...so I use the excuse of buying stuff for their cousins...we'll see how long that will last!

I love it how our kiddos can just melt our hearts and "make" us do anything...

Janelle said...

Quick thinking, my friend! Now go and buy those Barbies :)

YAY for dry panties!

Carissa said...

that pic is SO sweet!!!

Laney-Lou said...

What a sweet story!!! And yes, I'm putty in her hands ALLLL the time too. She's just adorable!!!!