Monday, December 29, 2008

A simply wonderful day.

Sometimes simple things become so un-simple with the addition of children. Take for instance, today. My day today is probably one that, for many people, is very normal. I got up, showered, dressed, straightened the house, and headed out the door to run errands.

By myself.

After running errands, I met this friend for lunch. A beautifully peaceful lunch.

By ourselves.

And now here I sit in Panera, enjoying free WIFI for the first time ever.

By myself.

My laptop has actually seen life outside the walls of my house. I cannot tell you how cool I am feeling right now! Sad? Maybe. But I'm okay with that!

Because like I said, there are just some things, some simple things, that aren't so simple with children in tow.

Right now I'm really wishing I could bottle this feeling of relaxation and contentment, so that it will last through the next two weeks.

Because this time next week I'll be at Disney World with the fam.

And as magical a place I'm sure it will be...I'm pretty sure it won't be as magical as this moment right now. :)

This magical moment was made possible by Grammie. Thank you Grammie! This is the best Christmas present you could ever give me!


Laney-Lou said...

DISNEY WORLD!! Don't forget to give Joshua a shout out when you get there. How jealous I'll be. Not that you get to hang out with Josh, but that I can't ride all the rides with y'all! haha

JP's MOM said...

what a fun day!

Alana said...

Loved our lunch, hope your trip goes off without a hitch!