Monday, October 8, 2012


Not much can get me in the car, with my three kids, and my husband, for 16 hours of driving in two and a half days.

Except babies.

Jacob and Tripp turned ONE! What??!!  Lauren and Will planned an awesome party at Will's dads house in OK, and even though the trip was long, it was totally worth it to see those little monkeys! And to top off the fun times, Lane and Christian got to be there too! Christian is turning one in just a few weeks. Again...What??!!  Unfortunately, not even babies can get me in a car for 48 hours of driving with my fam, so I was thrilled we got to see Christian while we were there.

The babies were adorbs. The kids were good. The weather was cold but the pool was crazy warm. It was a super fun day! We sure love these people!

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