Monday, October 1, 2012

Guest Blogging!

My friend Carissa let me do a guest post on her blog, so (as she says) all five of her reader's can be entertained. I thought I'd post what I wrote here too, so my 2-3 readers can also be entertained. I mean, eight people need to know why I love Apple products. They really do. Carissa told me to do a top ten list of my choosing, so after much serious thought, I went with what helps me function on a daily basis. Apple, are you listening? I would love a job if you are. I am a self-taught blogger, mom of 3, housewife, who is excellent at uploading pictures to various social media outlets. I mean, that has to qualify me for something.  Moving on, here is my post...

I fell in love with my iPhone a few years ago, and since then my life has never been the same. It's my better half. (don't tell my husband) I am never bored, I am brilliantly smart, I am always on the ball, thanks to all things Apple. If I ever lose it, I may die. Our house has several iProducts and I have passed my addiction on to my children, because I am a good mom. I am also a much better scrabble player thanks to Words with Friends. Who knew Qi was a word? Mercy, I am cool.

Top Ten reasons I love iAnything.

1. There's an app for that. There really is.

2. Facebook and Twitter in my hand. I really need to be in constant contact with everyone I've ever met. I need to know what you ate for breakfast and that you're PMSing. Ok, I don't. But I do love running into someone and knowing it's their birthday because Facebook told me that morning. It makes me look like a way better friend.

3. Virus? Nope. I have an iMac. HA!!!

4. My children are angels. Fighting while waiting for food at a restaurant? Not anymore! Here kids, here's your iPod touches, let's see who can kill the most pigs with a flying bird. I'm sure there's some educational value in that...somewhere.

5. My Calendar is always with me. As is my husbands. Am I free that day? I can tell you. What day last month was that event on? I can tell you. My brain is suddenly much better, I am suddenly much smarter.

6. Instagram. Who knew putting a wash over a picture would make them so much better? And make someone a bajillionaire. Brilliant.

7. Need an answer to a random question? Google it. From your iMac, iPhone, or iPad you can find out anything within seconds. Who are the Kardashian's? How big is a baby hummingbird? What happened to Regis? These are things you need to know.

8. Map Quest. How long will it take to get from "current location" to Miami? I can tell you. I am now a geographical guru. I will never be lost again. Unless I'm out of cell range.

9. You Tube in my hands. How do you braid like that? Laughing babies. Keyboard playing cats. Porcupines eating carrots. You can watch all of that. You need to watch all of that.

10. Photo Editing. Need a tan? Adjust the warmth. Forgot to whiten your teeth this year? Brush them with the magic toothbrush. Arm look too fat? Crop it out. Eyes look like you're possessed? Easy fix. Two or three clicks and WaLA! You are a supermodel. (or at least presentable.) Some of my best pictures never really happened. How awesome is that?

I still have a love/hate relationship with technology, but thanks to Apple, the relationship is much more love. Now go Google "porcupine eating a carrot" and watch it on You Tube. You know you want to. 

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