Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have ear drops under my arm.

Yet another thing about being a mama that I did not expect. :)

Austin has had an ear infection for at least 6 weeks now. After one round of oral antibiotics, several chiropractic adjustments, 2 ear "vacuuming" procedures, and two rounds of antibiotic ear drops...we're back at square one.

Today's ear "vacuuming" hurt him, which just about killed me. He's had it done so many times, and is incredibly tolerant of all the pokes and prods and people messing with his ears, that usually he lays completely still and barely flinches. Today though, he screamed at the end. A, pierce-me-to-the-heart, big giant tears, scream.

It took all I had not to cry with him.

So now what? Now a new, stronger, oral antibiotic. And another round of ear drops. But why are they under my arm??

Simple. I have ear drops under my arm to warm them up. It really bothers Austin when the drops are "cold" (room temperature). One day I'd carried them around in my hand for awhile before I put them in his ear. When I finally got around to administering the drops, he looked at me surprised and said, "Day are WARM mommy! Day feewl betta when day are WARM!" I realized they had warmed up as I'd carried them, making them much more comfortable! At first I'd hold them for awhile in my hand, but then realized they warmed faster under my arm. So now, twice a day every day, I have ear drops under my arm.

The things we do for our children. :)

We'll see the ENT again in two weeks. Austin's 4th appointment in 6 weeks. We're looking at a third set of tubes, but we have to clear his infection up first.

I don't know what to do besides pray. And administer medicines. And pray some more. I think about the mama's out there who have very sick babies, and my heart breaks for them. This has worn me down, I can only imagine what they've been through.

Praying for them, and us, tonight.


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Janelle said...

I love you! You and your babies have had more than one family can handle. I am praying with you!