Sunday, August 7, 2011


Annie FINALLY lost her first tooth!

At the ripe age of almost 7, she was a little on the late end, but it finally happened!

She was very excited when it was wiggly, but complained that it was hurting a little. After a dose of orajel, she ran off to play, then a bit later reappeared with her tooth in hand! I guess the medicine numbed it enough so she could wiggle that thing out!

She was scheduled for a sleepover at Grammie's house that night, and we decided that the tooth fairy could find her there, so off she went! I heard later that Ellie and Grammie "assisted" the tooth fairy in trading Annie's first tooth for $2! One gold dollar and 4 quarters! What a lucky girl! :-)

For mommy, it's a little bittersweet. Annie turns seven a week from tomorrow. Seven. It doesn't seem possible. Then three days later she starts 1st grade. Pair all that with the first missing tooth, and I realize there's no denying she's growing Sigh.

Dear Annie,
My beautiful girl. I am super excited you lost your first tooth, and that your next one is "already wiggly"! I love your sweet, innocent joy. Please, please stay little for awhile longer.

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Alana said...

So fun! Congrats, Annie! Such a fun milestone!