Thursday, August 26, 2010

School is in Session!

Well despite my oldest daughter's resistance...School has Begun! :)

Wanna know a secret? I'm am THRILLED!


Oh how I crack myself up. No seriously, I am one happy Mama right now. And if you know me, and my little family, then you are not surprised one bit. I understand that not all mama's feel the way I do. I've spoken to a few friends who loathe the start of school. They are sad to send their babies away all day, and they lament over how much they will miss them. When I have a conversation with friends like this, I smile understandingly, nod my head, and agree that the transition will be hard. But inside I'm thinking... Are you NUTS?! School starting means I get my sanity back! How many minutes are left until I drop them all off??

So yeah, there's a little Truth for you today from my little blog! I adore my kiddos, but at least two out of my three are high maintenance people! And after having some alone time, I am a much calmer mother, so I LIKE it when they are in school! I know many of my friends who's children aren't as high maintenance as mine, and I also know that God makes us each with our own personalities, so I really don't mind when a friend feels differently about this subject than I do. I just don't quite get it! :)

Now for the first days update:

Ellie did not want to go back to school, and now, one week later, she still does not want to go to school. :) Don't worry too much about her though, she IS making friends, she DOES like her teacher, and so far she is having a good year. She just doesn't want to admit it!

Annie was THRILLED to start Kindergarten! She is LOVING EVERYTHING! Her only complaint is that it starts too early. :)

Austin started his second year in ECSE preschool, and is going 4 mornings a week! So far he has been a VERY good boy, and this mama is proud!

Now excuse me while I go drink a cup of HOT coffee and enjoy the quiet! Ahhhh....


Jamie said...

You are not alone. I too enjoy my children being in school. I've learned that it makes me a better mom.

dawn said...

I am right there with you, friend!

Janelle said...

I get you.

Carissa said...

love your honesty! enjoy your "you" time. happy for you!

Celeste said...

I'm with you 100%! Not only is it nice to have the break, but it's also great for the kids to get a break from each other!

I heart you!

Faith said...

LOL...I know exactly what you mean...I was SOOOOO happy that the first day of school was finally here!! My first grader definitely benefits...LOL!