Friday, August 6, 2010

The Family that boats together, stays together!

When Jason and I were dating and we went to his parents house for the first time, the view from their deck took my breath away. They lived on one of the most beautiful lakes I'd ever seen. It was a lake I'd been to as a child many times, but I'd never realized how beautiful it really was until then. When we got married, we moved to the same area my new father and mother-in-law lived in. We had a boat for a while, but sold it once we had Ellie. This Summer we were blessed to buy another one, this time along with Jason's family! Although our house isn't on the lake, we're not too far, and we've been enjoying the lake more than ever!



Annie and Austin!

Ellie and Olivia!


Chris and Elaina!



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Celeste said...

SO fun!! They are going to have some amazing summer memories!!