Monday, May 31, 2010

Papa Kenny and Grandma Dorothy's House

When the weather is nice, a visit to my Grandpa's house is wonderful. We love getting the tractor out for rides, admiring Grandma Dorothy's flowers, and letting the kids run free outside.  It's just so pretty out there!

 We celebrated Grandpa's birthday this time! Grandma Dorothy always has wonderful cakes and delicious strawberries!

 (This was a wonderful day, but shortly after Grandpa had a massive heart attack. The rest of the summer, and really the next 2 years were touch and go. Lots of hospital and nursing home stays. There were many times we thought he wouldn't make it. However now, in June 2012, he's doing ok! My mother has been amazing for them, and takes them to all of Grandpa's doctors visits and Grandma Dorothy has been a wonderful caretaker.)

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