Monday, May 24, 2010

The End of an Era...

Last week Annie finished her time at preschool. It is bittersweet for me...I know she's ready to move on, but that also means she is growing up. WAY too fast!

I got to be the parent helper in her class on Graduation Day. I was thrilled to get to spend that morning with her, and all her sweet classmates! Here's Annie with her show and tell...I love how she's got all the boys begging to be picked! Ha!

Our friend Shann came by and took some cool pictures of the kids outside on the playground. I can't wait to see how they turned out!

Annie and Mrs. B!

Annie and Aunt Michelle just before entering the Sanctuary for the big event!

Oh Mercy she is precious. You see why this is a bit hard for this mama?!

After Graduating we went downstairs for some cookies and pictures and to get a special folder full of sweet preschool memories. Annie was SO happy and excited! Here she is with Grandaddy and Grammie!

And with her friend AJ! These two crack me up! I can't wait to recreate this picture in high school! Okay, I CAN wait...don't grow up too fast girls!

And here she is...The Graduate! This is the "Lane" pose. Made famous by my sweet cousin Lane in many, MANY pictures! It seems to come pretty naturally to Annie too!

After Graduation we took Annie out to lunch and Grandaddy and Grammie gave her a Bible as a Graduation Gift!

Then we stopped by to see Papa and Nana! I know they're proud of their little Graduate too!

What a beautifully, wonderful day!

Congratulations Annie Grace! We are so proud of you! You are a precious, sweet, smart little girl, and you've grown so much over this past school year. I am blessed to be your mama each and every day. I know you will be amazing in Kindergarten! I love you!

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