Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Works for me Wednesday

I know there's this cute little thing in blog world called "Works for me Wednesday", where people post a great thing in their life that "works" for them. Great organizational tips, decorating, stuff their kids like...etc. It got me thinking...What works for me?

I'll tell you what works for me...WARM WEATHER! And what doesn't work for me? This winter! Grrrrr. I am sorry, truly sorry for being grumpy, but this cold and snowy winter has just done me in!

I find myself day dreaming about going somewhere warm with my sweet family...a beach...sun and J relaxing in lounge chairs, books in hand, drinks by our sides...our children playing happily in the sand and surf...until they start throwing sand at each other...and start crying...and screaming...and I have to put the book down and scold them...

Okay. New dream...It's just me and Jason...:)

You get the picture.

It's just that when it's cold EVERYTHING is harder. So I'm ready for the warmth. That's what works for me. That's what works for my kids! That's when I might have some real "Works for Me" things to post. In the meantime, my good friend MK has started a blog, and she has a REAL Works for Me post, that I thought was just really good. That MK, she is a smart one! And a great writer too. I'm happy she started a blog, she adds good stuff to this bloggy world.

Happy Wednesday everyone. I'm off to day dream some more...


dawn said...

I am with you sister. Warm works for me too. Actually, hot works for me.

Celeste said...

Amen! Less clothes to wash, children playing outside, windows open, and SUNSHINE!