Friday, February 12, 2010

Christmas Past...

Since Christmas was oh...about 2 months ago, I thought it might be time to record my memories, or what's left of them, before they vanish into thin air. So here is a list of what I can still remember of Christmas '09...

1.) Christmas Eve...We had Nana and Papa, Uncle Chris and Aunt Michelle, and the cousins over for an EASY dinner (frozen lasagna, bagged salad, and some yummy bruschetta. gotta love easy!), and presents! Fave pic from the night...The girls all got SNUGGIES!

2.) Cleaning like a mad women every other day, so we could host yet another Christmas celebration, and mess the house up again.

3.) Not minding the mess....for a little while. :)

4.) Hearing the kids shout "PAPA AND NANA ARE HEEERE!!!" They get so excited when the grandparents show up, you'd never think by their reaction that we live in the same town! I love it.

5.) Watching Grandaddy carefully unpackage toys, while Austin patiently watched for a VERY long time. Precious.

6.) Grammie helping the girls with their "project" toys, Ellie's Easy Bake oven and Annie's Barbie lip gloss maker, while Jason and I made Christmas breakfast. Also precious.

7.) My heart being happy as my home was filled with all the people I love dearly.

8.) A WHITE CHRISTMAS! The first since Ellie was a baby! (Although now, two months and about 24 inches of snow later, the memory isn't quite so sweet. :)

9.) Cats everywhere! At Aunt Denise and Uncle Deans house there was a total of 5 cats (my cousins each brought their two). The kids were in heaven trying to hunt them all down.

10.) Christmas Jammies! Seriously, that made me so happy. I have this pic in a frame now!

11.) 4 Wheelin' in the snow on Christmas Day! Santa brought the kids their very own 4 wheeler!

12.) Annnnd...that's it. That's where my memory runs out!

It was busy, and fun, and busy. It was a great Christmas from the kids perspective, but exhausting from a mommies point of view. Next year I would really like to figure out a way to squeeze it all in, but not be so busy. Is that possible? I guess time will tell!

So Merry Christmas everyone....Errr...Happy Valentines Day.


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