Sunday, November 1, 2009

It takes a village...

That was the title of my friends email she sent out a few days ago. It takes a village. Her sweet baby was sick, and it was one of those days when it wasn't very convenient for that to happen! She had two kids to pick up from school, one that had two back to back activities, and a baby who needed to get to the doctor. How is a mom supposed to be in 2 or 3 places at once?

Friends, that's how.

And Family.

A village.

I firmly believe that we, as parents, are responsible for our children's discipline, teaching them good morals, and responsibility, and about God's endless love.

It gets overwhelming though, sometimes. How am I supposed to keep all the plates spinning? Between the hours of 4 and 8, we usually have an "extra" activity or two, homework, playtime, dinner, baths, reading time, and finally bed! By that time every night I am totally wiped out. And compared to some of our friends, our schedule is light!

Sometimes I have a little pitty party, because our family owns a business, and my husband can't just take time off if I need him to. He works a lot of hours and Saturdays, We have stores to run, no matter what. So every now and then, I get frustrated, and cry and stomp my feet, and wish he had an easier job so he could help me out. And then I remember that our business is doing okay. That his hard work takes care of us. That he is a wonderful husband and father, and he loves us so much. And I remember that yes, I need help, but God has provided that too.

If I am running late for school pick-up, I have a list of friends I can call (and often do!) If I have to be in two places at once, I have family that can "replace" me in one of those places. If I am sick, I know there are people who love my children, that can help me take care of them.

We help each other. We love each other. And when my friend called, we were there for her. It might take two or three friends to get the job done. And in the end, you might have to figure out who has what kid where! But it all works out.

So today, this first day of November, this is what I am thankful for. Family and Friends that I can count on.

My village.

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Alana said...

Amen, sister! I could never do this thing called life without my friends! Love you!