Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who Knew?!

Remember Chinese Fire Drills?

In case you don't...

In junior high and high school, my friends and I would yell CHINESE FIRE DRILL when the car we were in was stopped at a traffic light. Everyone would jump out of the car, run around the car, and then jump back in. The goal being to be back in the car before the light turned green!

It was a silly, fun game. Harmless really. Even my mom allowed it during church youth group road rally scavenger hunts!

She was a cool mom. Still is!

So why am I thinking about that now?

Yesterday I jumped out of my own car at a red light. Not for a Chinese Fire Drill, but to retrieve a dropped sippy cup, and jump back in. About 5 minutes later, I did the same thing, only to retrieve a dropped blankie.

You see, I drive a Suburban, and I cannot reach the dropped things from the drivers seat, especially since Annie and Austin usually ride in the "very" back, as we call it. That's when those expando arms would come in handy!

But since I'm not the mom from The Incredibles, I jump out of the car at stoplights, and jump back in. I use my lightning fast reflexes (HA!) that I learned years ago, to stop a screaming child in it's tracks.

All those Chinese Fire Drills prepared me to be a 'Burban driving mother of three.

Who knew?!

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