Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Thirteen...Carissa brought it back!

First of all I gotta give a big shout out to my friend Carissa for bringing back the Thursday Thirteen! Thanks for that girl, because I think I have a good one today.

13 things that happened to me at the zoo today.

1. I was 35 minutes late to meet my friend, who is never late. Surprised? Yeah, me either. And I don't think she was either.

2. My flip flop broke pretty early in the zoo trip when I tried to flip the brake up on my stroller with the toe of my shoe.

3. I begged for masking tape from a lady working the giraffe feeding station. She reluctantly gave me a small strip.

4. I taped my shoe together.

5. I learned it is hard to walk in a taped together flip flop.

6. I learned it is even harder to chase Austin in a taped together flip flop.

7. I learned it is not a good idea to let your super speed son get too far ahead of you when you are wearing a taped together flip flop.

8. I almost tossed my shoes into a trash can about 43 times. Until I remembered I would then be walking barefoot at the zoo. Eww.

9. I learned that leaving Ellie in the bathroom to "decompress" will result in her being very loud. Not bad. Just loud.

10. I learned that things echo a lot at the zoo.

11. I learned (again) that the zoo is not my favorite place.

12. I learned (finally) that the zoo is not my kids favorite place.

13. And I learned that Austin didn't understand the cracker was giraffe food. He learned the hard way.


JP's MOM said...

I am so cracking up at the mental picture of you running through the zoo hobbling chasing austin with a cracker while being followed by Ellie hollering.

gave me a giggle.

note to self...throw an extra pair of flops in the car.

Carissa said...

what's not to love about a thursday 13?!?! loved yours. you are funny!!! here's to brand new flip flops! : )

Janelle said...

You are funny!

I won't make you go to the zoo. Count on me for something else!

Darlene R. said...

The zoo is not my favorite place either! Dirty, hot, stinky---yuck!