Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day! (?)

Today is Father's Day!

Jason and Annie came home this afternoon from a special daddy/daughter weekend. They had a wonderful time, and I missed them both so much! I was thrilled that they came back early enough for us to celebrate at home with a nice dinner, dessert, and presents!

But of course, any event at our house isn't complete without some DRAMA, we go!

First there was a bit of an altercation between Austin and Ellie, just after Austin fell against the playset ladder. Somehow in one of those events Austin took a pretty hard hit to his ribs. Later in the evening we were trying to decide if he might possibly need to see a doctor. Thankfully we think he's okay, but we were a little nervous.

Then Jason requested blueberry pie for his special Father's Day Dessert! I have to tell you, I felt like a bit of a pioneer woman as I made pie crust from scratch, and used blueberries we handpicked! It turned out delicious!!!

And then Austin got upset, and flung Annie's plate of pie across the room...poor daddy. He caught the brunt of it, blueberries all over him!

Yeah, there's nothing quite like cleaning blueberries out of carpet, off of chairs, floors, walls, stuff.

So exhausted, Jason and I put the kids to bed, and sat down to watch TV. Phew. Another Father's day done! And that's when I realized...we forgot to give J his presents! Oops! Oh well, he can wait another day I guess. Sorry sweetie, Happy Father's Day anyway!

And Happy Father's Day to my wonderful father, and father-in-law! Hopefully your days were a little less eventful!


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My my I'm so proud of you and that pie! Might I have the recipe love??