Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Mother's Day is looking good!

Well what do you know?! Today is my 2 year Blogoversary!!! I wish I could claim that I totally new that, and therefore planned a fabulous post for today, but...not so much! I actually noticed it by complete accident! But hey, I noticed right? That counts for something! Now onto my original thought...

Last year I was jealous. A few of my friends had the privilege of going to a Mother's Day tea at our favorite preschool. It just so happened that I did not have a preschooler that year, and the two previous years that I did, they hadn't done a tea.

*Sniff Sniff, Sob Sob*

I know, you feel very sorry for me.

Oh and reading my dear friend Alana's blog post last year didn't help much. Thanks girl. Really. I wasn't bitter. :)

So this year I have waited with great anticipation for this event! Today was the day! At 10:45 this morning, I joined the other proud mommies of preschoolers for The Mother's Day Tea!

Sweet Annie, bless her heart, almost always closes her eyes for a picture! Which is what prompted us to take one like this...

I just adore that girl! They made us place mats and gave us handmade "baskets" filled with treats...

And they preformed a special "I Love Mother" song. Seriously, does it get any cuter?

Only when you add in sweet friends...

Annie and AJ!

...Great teachers...

Annie (eyes closed again!) and Mrs. B!

...and our special teacher/Aunt Michelle!

I'm already looking forward to next year!


Janelle said...

The Mother's Day Tea is the sweetest little day! I love getting them all cleaned up and fancy for our party!

Happy Blogversary to you too!!

Celeste said...

How fun!

Alana said...

I do love the of my favorite events of the year by far! I'm glad you enjoyed it...thanks for linking to my post from last was fun to look back and remember. I wonder if I will get one up for this year? It's not looking good ;-) Good intentions!

Fun pictures and post!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogaversary to you!

I hope hope hope Wog's preschool has some sort of Mother's Day tea. (Though I'll probably sob all through it!)

You look awesome, btw!