Friday, May 15, 2009

Because he is Cool.

I have a cool husband.

He is a great man, a sweet guy, a good friend, a loving daddy, a supportive husband...but above all he is Cool.

Let me explain...

He loves "toys" ( don't all guys?) and has had quite a collection over the years. We've been together for almost 14 years (married for almost 10) and in that time I've lost count of how many "extra" vehicles he's owned. And I say HE on purpose, because even though half of everything that's his is this case, it's all him. :) He's owned VW bugs, vintage trucks, four wheelers, dirt bikes, motorcycles, dune buggy's...the list goes on.

As he's matured he has gotten a bit smarter, and wiser in the use of his toys. We no longer drive dune buggy's on city streets in front of a police man...(he was 18!)...or ride trails we can't really handle and end up getting our four wheeler stuck...or let our wife drive. :) We had a scary experience a few years ago, and since then he's been searching for a safer alternative, something the kids can ride with him on, but be safe. So, he got this!

It's very shiny and pretty, and my husband is very proud of his new baby, I mean, toy.

He wants to take our children out, one at a time, for a day/weekend for some special daddy time this summer. He's very excited, and is researching places he can take them, and use his new toy. He and Austin took a ride last night, and he mounted a special camera to the RZR so he can record his adventures. He was very excited to post it on You Tube, and plans to do more. So, here they are, Jason and Austin, starring in their first You Tube video! Music provided by Uncle Chris, an original song. Enjoy!


Janelle said...

That is the cutest/coolest thing I have ever seen! It made me tear up when he pointed the camera on Austin. What a moment!!

Alana said...

Love it. Crazy boys. Is Austin loving that or what?

Love the music, too!

Teresa said...

I can't imagine all the fun Jason and the kids are going to have with that! What a fun father/son moment captured on film!! :)