Friday, January 2, 2009


I'm not quite sure what to think right now.

Austin has a nasty ear infection. I took him to the doctor 2 days ago, after a night of screaming and very little sleep. We all have little colds...and we fly to Disney World on Sunday morning.


The doctor was fairly sure that by Sunday Austin would be okay to fly. He gave us some advice, and a prescription for Tylenol with Codeine, otherwise known as "the drug to put him out."

Or not.

I gave him a dose the first day, and it didn't seem to settle well. He cried for awhile, finally fell asleep, but then woke up after just 2 hours. I wasn't sure if that was because of the medicine, or if the pain was just too much that day. Today I tried again, wanting to see what it would do on a "normal" day. I gave it to him an hour and a half ago. Since then he's alternated between resting briefly, smacking me, and throwing things. He's thrown chairs, tried to turn over the coffee table, and just been down right wild.

Okay. So, I'm thinking it's not the thing to give him just before take-off.

Tomorrow I'm going to see how he reacts to Benadryl.

Hopefully the house will still be standing.


Alana said...

Maybe the pain in his ears is causing him to do that? Or it could be the Benadryl...hard to say! I'll be praying he feels better really soon!!

Jamie said...

I have no advice here. I have no experience with that med or with boys. I hope your vacation goes well.

JP's MOM said...

All meds that have drowsy side affects can also wire some people. I would say the tylenol with codeine wires him.

I would ask the Dr for a script for each of the kids as a "just in case" since we will be travelling. Our Dr has done that for us in the past.

Try alternating regular tylenol and mortin and that should keep him comfy.

Are you taking his carseat for the plane? That would probably also keep him calmer than the new found freedom of a regular seat.