Thursday, January 29, 2009

At least the power is back on!

We've been iced/snowed in for a few days now. We've baked cookies, played games, watched TV, played in the ice/snow... we even lost power for several hours, but thankfully it came back on! We're now on our third snow day, and finally the girls have had a little too much "togetherness." I think we did pretty good to make it this long! So when Nana called yesterday afternoon to see if Ellie wanted to come over to their house today, I thought that might just be perfect timing. Ellie was thrilled at the idea! So this morning Daddy dropped her off on his way to work.

I called to check in a few minutes ago, and make sure everything was going well. Papa answered the phone, and after we chatted for a few minutes, I asked him how Ellie was. I figured she was doing good, she loves their house. Especially when she goes by herself, and therefore, gets all the attention. :) But apparently she's had enough TV watching the last few days. I've tried not to rely on it too much, but when you've been snowed in for three days, well, it happens! Anyway, I guess she was watching TV with Papa and Nana when she said...

"Are we just gonna sit here all day?"

I guess the Princess wanted to be entertained!

This is where the difference between Home, and Papa and Nana's house, becomes apparent. At Home, I would have said...Well NO, actually, I have some CHORES for you to do! But at Papa and Nana's things work differently, of course. So I hear that they played hide and seek after that, and are now onto Domino's, and I know that she is just loving her time there.

And I am home, with Annie and Austin. Annie's played by herself a lot today. I think she was ready to be her own boss again. :) Austin is just about ready for a nap, and I'm off to clean the disaster of a playroom. Three snow days have done quite the number on our house!

I wanted to end with some pictures of the ice and snow. I took them with my phone, so they're a little blurry at times. Still no news on my camera. :( I panicked yesterday when I thought I wasn't going to be able to take pictures of my cute little bundled up kids! Thanks honey, for reminding me of my phone camera! It's definitely better than nothing!

Ice/Snow Storm 2009!

I am always amazed at how beautiful everything looks when covered in snow. Honestly, ice is even prettier. The trees are like frozen sculptures, and shine brilliantly in the sun. They are beginning to drip today, and over the weekend, I'm sure things will start to return to normal. I'll miss the beauty, but it will be nice to drive again!

Thanks Papa and Nana, for having Ellie over today! It was a much needed break for her, Annie, and especially me!


Janelle said...

I couldn't have said it better. We have done everything and it's been fun. I am thankful for good moods and daddy!!!

YAY for grandparents, too!

Darlene R. said...

Your phone takes pretty good pictures! I am sorry that you haven't been able to find your camera yet though. Boo.

We got called off from school again here, too. I am ready for the normal schedule to return!!

Hope you have a good weekend :)

Teresa said...

You know, I would've had the same answer for my offspring had they said "are we just going to sit here all day"! Grandparents are like butter in their grandkids hands, are they not? :) Sure wish you could find that camera! Glad you could get some pics taken!

Carissa said...

let me just say...i'm OVER how pretty the snow and ice are. and i'm ready for them to be GONE! i think i found any bad attitudes your kids might be missing!

Fran said...

It really is pretty, but I only like it for a couple of days and then I want it gone. :) I hope by today that things are MUCH better.
My parents are in AR and having a mess of a time....still no power.

Glad y'all are good!

Alana said...

Wow, I am really behind on blog reading if I'm just now reading your post on the ice storm! Great pics!!