Saturday, August 31, 2013


My brave boy. Another ear surgery. This one was much more in depth. What was supposed to be a reconstruction of the middle ear bones, so our boy could hear well again, turned into more. Once inside his ear, the surgeon found a large mass growing, a cholesteotoma. It was a mess, even growing into the mastoid bone. The surgery took almost 3 hours, but was overall successful. The surgeon was able to do all the work inside the ear, and avoid cutting outside. Time will tell if he got it all. If he didn't, it will start growing back. The reconstruction is postponed until his ear is healed and we're sure the cholesteotoma is completely gone. It was a shocking turn of events, but we are thankful our boy was in good hands. He was so brave, and recovered extremely well with the help of new Lego's! :)

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