Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Ellie turned ELEVEN!

It's hard to believe I have an ELEVEN year old, but it's true! We celebrated with a super fun friend and family party at the pool (indoor!) a few days after her birthday. Ellie had a wonderful day on her birthday too, with birthday/Valentine doughnuts at home, and a great day at school complete with a Valentine party where her class sang to her. I was thrilled to go hang out in her class during the party, and just loved seeing how big and grown-up these 5th graders are, and read all the sweet messages written to her on the "Birthday Board". After school we had went for ice cream with Grammie, the siblings, and our friends Richie and William. I believe that's where the sugar consumption reached an all time high. Whew! Finally, needing some real food, we picked up daddy and went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner, feasting on lots of yummy crab legs, followed by home for some present time! We loved celebrating our girl who has come so far, and won so many battles, and who continues to work everyday. We love you Ellie!

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