Sunday, January 13, 2013

Austin's Ears.

What a challenge my sweet boys' ears have been. We've worked closely with our ENT for quite awhile, and just last week got the great news that his ears were FINALLY clear of all fluids and infections after more than four looong years.

That's the good news.

The bad...

Even without fluid, Austin has significant hearing loss in his left ear. It's the first time we've been able to test his hearing without fluid present, so it's the first clear knowledge we've had of his hearing.

My heart sunk at the news. I listened to the audiologist as best I could, while my brain raced to process what she was saying. It wasn't at all the news I'd expected.

This morning Austin had a CT scan done to give us an idea of why he doesn't hear well. He was so brave, but I know he was terrified. He held perfectly still as the machine scanned his head. I watched from behind a glass window. That was hard. I just wanted to scoop him up. There's something terrifying about machines scanning your baby. But we made it.

His eyes lit up as we left the lab area and I asked him if he'd like to eat breakfast in the hospital cafeteria before I took him to school. The magical cafeteria that for some reason is the coolest the ever to him. :) We ate a good breakfast and chatted for awhile, then off to school he went.

I'm still processing. But I'm so, so thankful that he did so well. Love that boy.

It looks like he's facing another ear surgery, this time to remove some skin-like cells (growths) that aren't supposed to be in his ear. Sigh. Hoping and praying this is the final surgery for my sweet boys ears.


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