Thursday, December 6, 2012


This girl is Amazing.

She has come so far. So incredibly far.

4 short/long years ago, Ellie was a first grader getting ready for her spring concert. She cried through the practices, couldn't stand on the risers for long, and agonized over finding a "comfortable" white tee shirt to decorate in art class for the show.

We were in the midst of testing and diagnosing her sensory processing problems at the time. We were novices, and knew so very little about this huge burden our daughter lived with.

We learned though, and now there's so much I understand as I look back. I know that singing in a group overwhelmed her auditory senses. I see that standing amongst a group of kids overwhelmed her visual senses. I know that trying to do the simple arm motions was not-so-simple for my girl who had very little body awareness. And wearing a new tee shirt felt like sand paper to my tactile-sensitive daughter.

Four years later. Four years of countless Occupation Therapy sessions, an Autism diagnosis, Autism therapy, Language therapy, social skills groups, and many prayers led to...


When my fifth grade daughter stood happily on risers. Sang beautifully in a choir she chose to audition for. Wore a shirt issued by the school without complaint. And did all the motions beautifully as she sang.

I fought back tears as I watched her tonight. I know all the parents in the audience were proud of their kids, but I was suddenly overwhelmed by amazement at how far Ellie has come.

One step at a time. One hour at a time. One day, one week, one month, one year... Finally. I see the results we have been working so hard for.

Thank you God, for that blessing.



mk said...

This just makes me smile! I know your heart must have been just bursting with joy. :-)

Carissa said...

so happy for you guys, shelley. great post!

dawn said...

I am crying right along with you sweet friend. So proud of her but more proud of you and Jason for fighting for your daughter. For being her advocate and making her life so much more every day. Amazing parents. Amazing kid.